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The application of up-to-date water treatment technologies provides for efficient use of water and energy resources along with the operating simplicity and reliability.

The specialists of our Company have developed and implemented to manufacture mineral deposits and corrosion inhibitors of Aquaresult series for stabilized treatment of water with high scaling and corrosive activity used in closed-loop recirculation systems in industry and heat power engineering, as well as to obtain desalted water in reverse osmosis units.

All developments are created on the basis of the latest advances in chemistry of organic complex compounds and water-soluble polymers, electrochemistry and physical chemistry of surface phenomena. The Company’s main objective – creation of chemicals with high efficiency and not adversely affecting people and the environment. Herewith the main emphasis is made on multifunctional performance of compounds obtained. We have developed compounds with scale-, corrosion-preventive and dispersing effect. It allows for cutting the cost and simplifying significantly the installation of proportioning equipment, since only one chemical is proportioned with application of a single proportioning unit instead of proportioning of several chemicals by means of individual proportioning units. The chemicals are added to the makeup water in proportion to the makeup value.

We continue searching the most efficient samples in our laboratory, as well as in collaboration with designated companies (Engineering Center “Energoprogress” LLC, Kazan).

All necessary licenses and certificates are obtained for all samples passed through the laboratory testing.

The chemicals are manufactured with application domestic and/or imported raw materials having passed through quality acceptance test.

Aquaresult Series Chemicals

Aquaresult 1010 scale buildup and corrosion compound inhibitor.

Aquaresult 1010 scale and corrosion compound inhibitor is used for stabilized treatment of the heat-exchanging equipment cooling systems circulation water in TPP, oil refineries and other industrial facilities.

As a rule, surface-source water treated by mechanical filtration or process water including industrial and storm water runoffs and domestic effluents treated by biological purification are used to feed water cooling cycle (WCC) of industrial facilities. High concentration of hardness salts in feed water induces the processes of scale buildup in WCC, which are intensified at concentrating water in cooling towers and increasing of its temperature in heat exchangers. In its turn, high concentration of corrosive gases in open cooling system circulation water can cause the corrosion processes of iron or copper contained in the equipment metals.

In order to maintain heat exchanging equipment in nonscale forming condition, we suggest using technology of water treatment with Aquaresult 1010 scale inhibitor, the application of which can ensure reliable protection of the equipment, valves and pipelines against hardness and suspended particles deposition.  Phosphonic compositions contained in the chemical stabilize hardness salts in the mixture, and availability of low-molecular-weight polymer dispersing additives within the chemical ensures stabilization of suspended particles in the mixture and prevents their deposit on the surface.

Reliable protection against internal corrosion for aerated water can be provided only by chemicals capable of forming the passivating protection film impenetrable for corrosive gases and ions on the metal surface. Phosphonic compositions contained in Aquaresult, adsorbed on the metal surface, create strong complexes with iron and calcium ions, forming protective adsorption layer preventing access of corrosive gases and ions to the metal surface.

In circulation systems with increased content of suspended particles in water Aquaresult prevents their sedimentation on the surface with generation of pockets leading to hideout corrosion.

AQUARESULT 1010”-NG scale and corrosion compound inhibitor for gas and oil producing industry

  • “AQUARESULT 1010”-NG compound inhibitor is used for stabilization of reservoir waters and prevention of sludge formation at oil and gas wells operation, as well as for productive formations decolmatation.
  • Formation of complex composition sediments and their deposit on walls of the production strings lower sections, in receiving and working members of electric centrifugal and sucker-rod pumps are the reason for degradation or complete loss of their performance due to blockage of flow passages of their working members and pipes. The sediments accelerate the equipment wear due to their deposits in friction pairs, cause ESP (Electrical Submersible Pumping) system vibration, destruction and falling into bottom hole.
  • The experience of oil fields operation at a latter stage has shown that the greatest amount of problems during oil production are caused by deposits containing carbonates and calcium sulfates, as well as ferric sulfide in their main composition.
  • Oil-water emulsion formed during production is very resistant to destruction due to its chemical stabilization with ferric sulfide. Hardness depositions with presence of ferric sulfide on the walls of well equipment and casing string significantly intensify the metal corrosion due to forming of galvanic pairs between sediments and pipe metal. The same occurs in the field pipelines and tanks and vessels of oil and water collection, treatment system for injection into formation.

Our Company is a developer and manufacturer of “Aquaresult 1010”-NG scale and corrosion compound inhibitor. Prevention of sludge formation by means of Aquaresult chemical is provided by means of its proportioning:

  • in case of carbonate deposits — from 50 to 100 mg/l depending on total iron concentration in the mixture (or oil emulsion).
  • in case of gypsum deposits with the same total iron concentration the effective proportion is up to 300 mg/l, while the doses of traditional inhibitors are up to 1000 mg/l.

The application of “Aquaresult 1010”-NG chemical will lead to decrease of repairs and increase of well performance due to inhibiting the sludge formation and corrosion of underground equipment.

In addition to scaling prevention solution to a problem of existing hardness depositions removal in wells by means of “Aquaresult 1010”-NG chemical is also essential. The action of the chemical is based on destruction (decolmatation) of sediments by formation of stable water-soluble complexes of calcium.

The proportioning can be carried out in four process links of oil-and-gas-field operation: producing wells, lead pipelines (in case of increased total iron content (more than 20 mg/l) in oil emulsion, a provision can be made for pumping reservoir water saturated with Aquaresult inhibitor up to 2 kg/m3 via pipelines ), tanks and vessels, injection wells.

Aquaresult 1040 scale buildup and corrosion compound inhibitor for hot water supply systems.

Application of scale buildup inhibitors for water-heating equipment feedwater makeup treatment has ecological and economic advantages in comparison with ion-exchange softening.

The chemical is developed for water-heating equipment feedwater makeup treatment and has increased environmental safety level.

The main limitation of phosphonates application in hot water supply systems is thermal instability of their water solutions at high temperatures. Despite of high thermal instability of phosphonic compositions (up to 200ОС), the practice shows that problems with scale buildup in heat-exchanging equipment begin at 120ОС. Phosphonic compositions contained in Aquaresult 1040 provide stability of their water solutions up to 170ОС that, in its turn, ensures their high scale-preventive efficiency under conditions of intensively occurring crystallization processes. Molecules of phosphonates embedded into the calcium carbonate microcrystals ensure amorphization and slow down their growth, and specially selected polymer dispersing additives in the chemical add the stability to the microparticles preventing their adhesion and sedimentation on the equipment surface.

One of the main reasons of the heat supply systems internal corrosion is the presence of dissolved corrosive gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) in the delivery water. TPPs are provided with decarbonization and thermal deaeration for their removal. However, despite of satisfactory water treatment, overstated oxygen and carbon dioxide content is observed in the systems. TPP water is saturated with gases at its storage in storage tanks and due to air entrainment through gland seals of the pumps operating at negative pressure. The heat supply systems’ water is saturated with oxygen at the system air inleakage, as well as due to piped raw water inflows through the hot-water supply system heaters leakiness. Moreover, some boiler plants are not provided with deaeration at all.

Under circumstances where it is impossible to avoid water saturation with gases, reliable protection against internal corrosion can be provided only by chemicals capable of forming the passivating protection film impenetrable for corrosive gases and ions on the metal surface.

The corrosion inhibiting mechanism of Aquaresult series chemicals consists of forming the passivating adsorption film comprising poly-nuclear phosphono carboxylic complexes of iron and calcium on the metal surface. Aquaresult components are capable to embed into oxide layer structure on the metal surface, gradually compacting and hardening it, thus making it low permeable for corrosive ions and oxygen.

Heat supply systems operation experience has shown that, even if water is treated in strict compliance with feedwater makeup and delivery water quality guidelines with use of carbonation and deaeration units, it is impossible to prevent formation of deposits on the heat exchanging equipment. This requires chemical washing or mechanical cleaning of the equipment.

In case of continuous application of Aquaresult chemicals, the need for chemical washing and additional preservation of the heat exchanging equipment is eliminated.


Mineral deposits inhibitor for reverse osmosis systems

Prevents deposits of slow-soluble salts and silicates on the surface of reverse osmosis membranes.

Slows down the nucleation rate and crystals growth. Ensures amorphization of crystals’ structure, decreases their adhesion to the membranes’ surface. Disperses crystals and colloidal particles.

Certified for application in potable water supply systems.

The chemical proportion varies within the range of concentrations from 2 to 8 mg/l

Depending on the water quality the following chemicals are suggested:

  • AQUARESULT 1030-1 — carbonate and sulfate deposits inhibitor for water with Langelier index of no more than 2 and low level of organic substances.
  • AQUARESULT 1030-2 carbonate and sulfate deposits inhibitor. Efficient at Langelier index of no more than 2.5.
  • AQUARESULT 1030-3 carbonate and sulfate deposits inhibitor. Efficient at Langelier index of no more than 2.5. Possess high tolerance to iron and aluminum ions. Inhibits earth silicon deposits.
  • AQUARESULT 1030-4 sulfate and carbonate deposits inhibitor. Specially developed for inhibiting the sulfate deposits.
  • AQUARESULT 1030-5 sulfate and carbonate deposits inhibitor. Specially developed for water with very high potential of mineral deposits (Langelier index of more than 2.5)
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